Guided Zen Retreats

Zen Education offers all inclusve Yoga Retreats with a vision of assisting people that struggle with the fast paced city life or people that need guidance to attain their Zen State. We run various boutique style retreats with guided meditation conducted in accordance with community guidelines. A community we aim to build full of people sharing their positivity, support and desire for a change. Our retreats comprises of an experience which you would love to partake again, an experience that would make you stop, think and act rather than just acting upon any thought that comes to your mind.

Services Offered:

  • Guided Meditation:

We provide guided meditation and have a network of monks from the Hindu and Buddhist communities along with different types of Campus. A meditation experience which is designed with a simplistic vision by simple people who teach simple things. We appreciate your bravery to be a better version of yourself.

  • Art of Living:

We provide guided meditation and We are stewards of this land, believing in this sacred land with sacred power, We live in abundance and appreciate the universe. We provide support to look at things with a positive approach and living a balanced life with positive vibes. Or as a sage person once said, 'We are what we eat', so we provide an environment to learn, cook and enjoy colourful delicious vegetarian food which is almost 90% vegan. On site Tea and books to have a sip of calmness with books to read along the line of your journey.

We at Zen Education believe it's never too late to take that first step, so we welcome you with arms wide open.