Academic Admissions

Zen Education takes pride in providing complete support system for every candidate that chooses our service.

Candidates that wish to choose Zen Education to fulfil their career aspirations also have an advantage to choose from a wide range of academic options Zen provides through it's partner education network. We provide top education to our students not just locally within the UK but also in other various destinations like Australia, Canada, Germany, UAE, Malta and Germany.

We identify partner schools as per the requests from students usually which allows us to have a harmonious network between our clientele and associates. Our academic experts with over a decade of experience in the education industry assist students with various questions, admission guidelines, visa procedures (International Students) or Student Finance applications (Local British/European Union students) overlooking the whole journey from a point of making the choice to study until their graduation.

Services Offered:

  • Counselling:

With todays fast paced life, it is extremely easy to get drifted to a point where young minds tend to get confused. Listening to what others have to say and seldom these advices are well thought. To cater such limitations of network, knowledge or exposure we provide professional counselling to all our students helping them to choose the best career path citing their interests and aspirations.

  • Admissions:

We offer detailed admission support where we not only help candidates with information about the said university/college or course but also provide them with insights, past records, reviews helping them to make the best choice. Applications are done made to the chosen colleges or universities with compiled file with all the mandatory documents collected with efficient copies. Candidates are also counselled on how to approach admission process rather than being nervous or going to interviews unprepared. As this is a delicate process, candidates are supported and applications are handled with utmost care.

  • Visa Assistance:

Based on the destination chosen by the international students, Zen Education provides them with the necessary visa application support and tentative timelines of the process which can help the candidates plan their academic journeys abroad.

  • Student Finance Assistance:

British and European Union Students that wish to progress into their academic paths via the Student Finance England (SFE), UCAS or Student Loan Company (SLC) often tend to come back to Education after a break or after collecting substantial work experience. Getting back into education can be challenging mentally for mature students. At such a stage or state of mind gathering information to apply for loans can be a process very few candidates tend to enjoy. We therefore provide assistance to our candidates in such application processes making their academic journey a much fruitful process.

  • Accomodation:

Candidates can choose between On-Campus Accomodation or Off- Campus Accomodation.

While international students aim to move countries for education, finding an accomodation can be a tough choice. We therefore provide various accomodation options and assist candidates to find the right location along with ameneties international students would need throughout their educational journey. Wi-Fi's, entertainment lounges, cultural festivals, furnished accomodations, etc. Our team not just helps finding an accomodation we aim to find homes for candidates with respect to their educational institutions along with detailed local insights, helping candidates choose the most appropriate accomodation for themselves.

  • Pre-Depatures:

We make sure candidates are aware of important points or guidelines related to the countries they are travelling to. Mandatory documents candidates need to carry with them before flight and also documents they might need once they land in their preferred destinations. Providing them with local insights and a quick preview of the countries they are about to travel to avoid culture shock or face issues candidates were not prepared for. It's important to let the candidates know their rights in the new country, helping them with opening a new bank acocunt, travel cards, etc.

  • Post Arrivals:

Candidates that need Airport pick-up are assited with one. Our team is always available for the candidates once they arrive in the new country so they don't feel alone in the times of need.

All our efforts are acted upon with a vision to provide the best academic journey with Zen Education