About Us

Welcome to the Zen Education.

An institution founded with an ideology to reap high levels of peace and tranquillity for any individual who wishes to improve, prosper and evolve into a much higher state of mind. Such a state of mind comes with Education and Knowledge. We are often at unease at multiple stages of our lives beginning from the first time we have to leave the hands of our parents and visit the school for the first time. Every individual is always concerned about the choices they make and the repercussions it may bring upon them.

Alan Watts a British philosopher who was introduced to Zen in 1963 after attending D.T. Suzuki’s conference often described Zen as the true meaning of life or to be alive. This is a sole purpose and we often get caught in the wrong job, wrong positions or wrong career. At Zen Education Services we wish to assist you to find the right direction after spending time with each individual and understanding you to guide you with the best possible solutions providing you a professional assistance to choose the best for you with a steady balance between your financial aspirations along with spiritual or personal aspirations from life.

In the current world we have encountered numerous challenges and changes which were not a part of any problem we faced or anticipated before. As a result, we function in a much different manner compared to our ways one decade ago. Distance and national boundaries are no longer considered hurdles for Education or knowledge. Education has evolved through multiple platforms and boats an ocean of possibilities.

In such a scenario parents and students have numerous options to choose from ranging from Location of study to the aptitude of the candidate in pursuing their chosen course. It is pretty hard to keep a track of multiple industries which have future potential to prosper making the choice of a career one of the most difficult decision for any individual. That’s where we come in.

Zen Education aims to make education more accessible with the right guidance and knowledge. Our focus is to efficiently connect students with the right course in the right university with utmost clarity. Due to multitude study options, choosing the right path can often turn frantic and stressful. Our main goal is to make the process a whole lot easier with professional guidance that comes from experience.

We would therefore like to welcome everyone to embark a journey with Zen Education

The Logo

Zen Circle which is also known as the Enso. Enso is a circle of enlightenment which is depicted with a single brush stroke of a circle. The Enso is a symbol of existence, absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance and the mu (the void). There are two ways to represent an Enso, the first one being a closed circle used to represent the totality of experience and life and the second one leaves a small opening which represents imperfection found in everything. The small opening suggests student to stop striving for perfection and believe in the force or the universe which shall guide one to its rightful destiny.

We have also left our small opening to let us connect with the right individuals who are ready for us as much as we are ready to embrace them.