Career Counselling

Zen Education was formed with a vision of connecting people with the right job, something that makes each and everyone feel content. We often find ourselves stuck in the wrong job or the job we liked once. We also tend to pick up certain career which is deemed financially feasible at the time of the choice. We therefore compromise and start a journey which would be a path of non satisfaction, little everyone knows that in todays world irrespective of the job one picks there are brighter opportunities.

Choosing a career can be quite a challenge and we all have been through this journey irrespective of ones age, sex or marital status.

We aim to provide a level of exposure which allows candidates to choose the right path with the help of our expert staff.

Our Process:

  • Consultation:

Finding a career or assisting someone to choose a career is a tedious process where ideally people with minimal knowledge should not indulge in a conversation about a tentative field. We therefore spend an hour of consultation with the candidates to derive their interests in life, what are the core attributes candidates they wish in their future career and series of other questions to determine the most appropriate field the candidates can begin their professional journey.

  • Psychometric Test:

Human Psychology can be interesting topic. We have determined a psycometric analysis is one of the best tools around to understand the personalities of our candidates. Psychometric is a field of study within psychology, it is a Geek term which translates to mental mesaurement and is a technique which concerns objective measurement of latent constructs which cannot be directly observed. In such a test a series of questions are given to the candidates. Psychometric test provides an overall complete 360 degree view of any candidate, such a test is usually conducted to find a logical process with an aptitude of problem solving and the candidates ability to resove issues via data interpretation.

  • Aptitude Test:

Often candidates wish to get into a certain field of work due to is marketable quotient, for instance during an IT boom every candidate wishes to get into IT but within IT there are fields like graphic designing and coding which are poles apart. What happens in a scenario where an artistic person gets into coding and vice versa. The aptitude test is therefore conducted to determine not just the limitations of an individual but also serves as a guiding path aiming ones skill and propensity to succeed any given task at hand. In simple terms, It is a test to distinguish the realistic abilities Vs fictional aspirations.